About Us

Vicki Scott, AIDTA

Established in 2000, Phoenix Dance Company has grown from strength to strength. Today we offer a range of high quality classes to students of all ages. Phoenix is proud now to incorporate PopFusion, run by Amy Morris, and more recently Transl8ed Dance, run by Lucy Angell, expanding our range, reach and appeal to every taste and interest.

An Associate of the International Dance Teachers Assocation, Vicki trained at Birmingham Theatre School where she was awarded a rare Honours qualification. Vicki has amassed many years experience as a professional dancer with companies such as P&O, Tussauds Group - Alton Towers, and through touring contracts with First Leisure, Luminar Leisure, Rank Enterntainment, John Ford Management (Tribute Band), and Lollipop Productions as dancer, choreographer and actress.

Phoenix Dance Company is proud to have been recently awarded the prestigious Recognised School status from the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET). The award reflects the highest standard of teaching, conduct and professionalism and has only been granted to an elite number of schools.

Vicki is a full Equity member, and is CRB registered.



"Phoenix Dance Company is a fantastic place to learn new and update dances. It's a friendly school with enthusiastic and experienced teachers. I loved the chance to perform on stage and the annual exams are a plus to any dancer’s portfolio."

Lucy Angell

"I have been a member of Phoenix for 7 years and Vicki is a fantastic teacher who has encouraged me greatly. Taking part in the shows and presentations has built up my confidence and I look forward to every Tuesday night! 5 of my cousins have also joined the school and I would recommend anyone of any age and of any ability to join."

Claire Attenborrow

"I joined Phoenix aged 21. I hadn't done that much dance since school but the classes were great and the dances were quite easy to pick up with practice. The dances were fab and the music was all modern. I really enjoyed it and after only 8 months I was even in a dance show which was brilliant. Everything about it was fun and funky!!"

Charlotte Blattner

"Phoenix is amaaazing! I spent some of the best years of my life there. The chereography was challenging, exciting and original, and so much fun! I loved every minute in that school, it helped me develop both my technique and love for dancing. It is Vicki's enthusiasm and dedication to improving her dancers that encouraged me to go into performing arts myself, you are an inspriration Vicki and we all love you!"

Nikki Daniels

"Phoenix is a fantastic dance company and i would encourage anyone to join! Vicki is extremely talented and helpful and the shows she puts together are amazing! I love being in them because they are so much fun and really memorable. The whole dance company is really friendly and I absolutely loved being a part of the dance school!!!"

Allegra Field

"Ive loved every minute of being part Phoenix and miss it greatly now I’m at university. It is an awesome chance to get fit whilst having fun. I've made so many new exciting friends, and the dancing is awesome! I always try my best to join in classes when I come back home, as no other school seems to have the fun, the skills, the energy as a package like Vicky puts into the school.  Thanks Vik for everything!!"

Talia Hattotuwa

"You are an abosultly amazing teacher and your choregoraphy was brillant! I loved every miunte of your lessons, even though you worked us hard:P I miss you and your dance school alot."

Vick Jones

"I have been a member of Phoenix for approxiamately ten years now and I think it's self explanatory as to why I have stuck to attending the dance school for so long. I enjoy the lessons a lot and taking part in dance shows and exams is a really good experience. Not only is the dancing good, but you get to meet loads of new friends and work together as a team. It's a really nice atmosphere to be around!!!"

Hannah MacGregor

"I love dancing, I am soo glad I moved schools because the price of the classes is great value for money but the dances we learn are still really advanced and impressive. I have met some lovely friends and the class on a whole is really friendly. The dances we learn are individual and we never use the same move twice. I enjoy doing the exams and absolutely love the shows! Vicki is a star, she is an amazing dance teacher!"

Bethany Monk

"I've been a member of the Phoenix Dance Company since May 2008. I'm 28 and was looking for an adult dance class for experienced dancers. I went along and couldn't believe the standard. The choreography is amazing and the girls I dance with are great."

Jo Mudd

"Phoenix on a Tuseday and Thursday is something I look forward to every week, one of very few opportunities I have to dance my heart out to some brilliant tunes, learn some unbelievable choreography, and perform regularly the dance style I love. Definitely one of a kind!"

Verity Pitt

"I really enjoy dancing - it’s fun yet we work hard - I think Vicki is a great teacher, determined for us to do well! Working hard to prepare for the show!"

Jenna Swaine

"Phoenix is a professional and contemporary dance school which allows you to have fun with moves that have an originality whilst at the same time produce memorable dance routines that you never forget! I still remember some routines from 5 or so years ago! You couldn't wish for a more talented and fun dance teacher than Vicki.
Funky and fresh dances that make you never want to take off those dancing shoes!"

Jo Tabis

"I've been dancing at Phoenix since I was 10 and I've loved every minute of it. I feel that it has really boosted my confidence, especially when doing exams and the amazing shows which somehow keep getting better every year. I've also made some great friends and am really lucky to have Vicki as a dance teacher."

Emily Turvey

"Phoenix is a FAB dance school!!! From others I have witnessed Phoenix is by far the highest standard of teaching and choreography in the area! I’ve been going for almost 9 years and will more than happily stay for another 9!!!"

Katie Whitehouse