Examinations at Phoenix

Every year, dancers at Phoenix and Pop Fusion have the opportunity to take their street dance examination with the IDTA.
They are optional. However, they are a great way of gaining performance experience and confidence. It is an opportunity for dancers to perform either on their own, or in a small group, to show their individual skills.
The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) is one of the largest examination boards, covering the full spectrum of dance examinations on a global scale, with over 7000 members in 55 countries.

Dancers need to be 3 years and upwards to take an examination.
You will be required to perform your set dances (alone or in a small group) to an external examiner.
You will dance in front of the rest of your group (bronze,silver,gold etc)
You will be assigned a number which must be attached SECURELY to your costume so that the examiner can easily identify you.
Family and friends are invited to watch on the day to show support and encouragement.
A written comment sheet, along with a medal statuette trophy etc , and a certificate stating the grade awarded to you, will be handed out at a later date.
Timings - all timings will be announced in due course.

You are required to wear a STRIKING DANCE OUTFIT and full make up.
No casual/rehearsal clothes must be worn, and costumes need to be SHOW STANDARD.
Costumes must be bold, striking, colourful, and dynamic.
Think FUNKY, think BOLD, and be imaginative!!!!
Hair must completely off your face and styled to SHOW standard.
Dance shoes must be worn. Please make sure they are clean and tidy with the laces securely tied.

DATE - Sunday 22nd April 2018
TIME 1pm - 3pm
VENUE The Shirley centre, 274 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull.

Please see below a full list of examinations and fees.
All payments must be received by FRIDAY 23rd March 2018 for the appropriate paper work to be processed.
Payment by cheque please write the student´s name, grade, and class they attend on the back of the cheque,or on the front of an envelope.

Payment by cash please place the full amount in an envelope with the students name, grade, and class they attend on the front of the envelope.

BRONZE - 16.50
SILVER - 17.50
GOLD - 18.50
1ST GOLD BAR - 20.00
2ND GOLD BAR - 21.00
3rd GOLD BAR - 30.00
STAR 1 - 23.00
STAR 2-4 - 18.00
STAR 5 - 28.00

FULL running order of the day to follow shortly.

Many thanks - Vicki and Amy xxx