Shows at Phoenix

Phoenix Dance Company stages a major production at a professional theatre every year. This, for many of us, is the highlight of the year. Lots of hard work and effort by everyone is rewarded by what is always a successful and enjoyable event.

Next year will see our 10th major annual production marking a decade of top class dynamic shows.

Year Show Venue
2000 Phoenix Dance Spectacular Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2001 West End Extravaganza Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2002 Night At The Movies Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2003 Phoenix Time Travel Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2004 Pop Idol Spectacular Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2005 Rock On Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2006 Broadway Beats Dovehouse Theatre, Solihull
2007 Feel The Funk Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
2008 Pump It Up Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
2009 JUST DANCE Crescent Theatre, Birmimham
2010 MOVE IT Crescent Theatre, Birmimham
2010 DECADANCE Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
2011 DANCENATION Solihull Arts Complex
2012 PopFusion presents PANDEMONIUM Dovehouse Theatre
2012 Impressive Instant Solihull Library Theatre
2013 POP FUSION - Kings and Queens of POP Dovehouse Theatre
2013 TE AMO Solihull Library Theatre
2014 CHANGES Solihull Library Theatre

We also stage additional productions at Easter and Christmas each year at a range of venues in Solihull and Birmingham. We like to encourage all aspects of the Performing Arts. Budding singers and actors are welcome to show off their talents.

Dance Work

Here at Phoenix we regularly encourage our senior dancers to take part in professional dance work and we support them with advice throughout their engagements based on our own wealth of experience.

Last summer, four brilliant Phoenix dancers were selected to perform in regular classic 70’s shows at Oceana, Birmingham.